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Does your company have physical store in Guangzhou? I want to have a visit of the store?[ 11-04 19:46 ]
Hi, the address of our physical store in Guangzhou is 1155, A Building, Xijiao manshion, Zhanqian Road, Guangzhou. Contact no.:020-81174582. Welcome your visit at any time.
What favorable policy does your company apply if becoming the agent of your company’s products?[ 11-04 19:46 ]
Hi, our company establishes a sound agent system. We are responsible for  decoration guidance of the franchised outlet and clerks’ after-sale’s training, which will does a great help in your sales. In addition, our company has perfect product ...
Is your jewelry in your company environmental friendly?[ 11-04 19:45 ]
Hi, Our company has obtained the European Union REACH and California 65 environment audit, so the jewelry of our company can be guaranteed to be environmental friendly. 
How to Make a Fisherman's Bracelet[ 11-03 11:53 ]
Open the snap end of a lead-free swivel hook the way you would a safety pin. Depress the loose end and push it to one side. This allows the prong to spring free. Hook the freed prong through the loop at the rear of another swivel hook. Close the prong. You n...
How to Make a Sailor's Bracelet[ 11-03 11:51 ]
Wrap one end of the string around your wrist two times. Tape the end of the cord in place on your wrist. You will use the long end to weave back into itself to finish the sailor's bracelet. Take the long end of the cord and roll most of it into a smaller ball...
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